HIC Quartz's Exclusive Experience: An Inside Look into PEZA's 28th Investors' Night

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Philippine Economic Zone Authority 28th Investors' Night

As a real estate developer, we had the privilege of receiving an invitation from the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) to participate in their 28th Investors' Night. The event was held at the prestigious Conrad Hotel Manila, and it was an unforgettable experience. The theme of this event is Eco-zoning the Country Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Development.

What is Peza and the Investors' Night event?

PEZA is a government agency established to promote investments, job creation, and export growth in the Philippines. They provide various incentives and assistance to local and foreign investors who set up businesses in PEZA-accredited economic zones. The Investors' Night event is an annual gathering of the top executives, investors, and stakeholders of PEZA-accredited companies. It aims to celebrate the successes and achievements of the investors, showcase their latest projects, and provide networking opportunities for business growth.

The significance of Mr. Ferdinand Romualdez Marco's speech

president of Philippine

Mr. Ferdinand Romualdez Marco, the President of the Philippines

One of the highlights of the Investors' Night was the keynote speech delivered by Mr. Ferdinand Romualdez Marco, . He emphasized the importance of foreign investments in the country's economic growth and development. He also acknowledged the efforts and contributions of the investors in creating job opportunities and improving the lives of Filipinos. His speech inspired the attendees to continue investing in the Philippines and to work together towards a brighter future.

Recognition and praise from major Philippine leaders

PEZA Board Chairman

Trade Secretary and PEZA Board Chairman

Presidential Adviser

Presidential Adviser on Investment and Economic Affairs

Diretor General

Director General Philippine Economic Zone Authority

Many major Philippine leaders expressed recognition and praise for HIC's investment and development. They commended our company for our commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. They also recognized our contributions to the economic growth of the country, particularly in the real estate sector. Their words of encouragement and appreciation motivated us to continue our mission of providing world-class living spaces and promoting community development.

HIC's investment and development showcased at the event


As one of the accredited investors of PEZA, HIC was given the opportunity to showcase our latest investment and development projects at the event. HIC invested 12 million US dollars with 142,000 sqft factory area, 2 most advanced automatic production lines and over-ten-years experienced talents. We also showcased our commitment to sustainable development by sharing our green initiatives and practices. The attendees were impressed by our projects and expressed their interest in partnering with us.

Highlights from the Investors' Night: Key moments and takeaways

Aside from Mr. Ferdinand Romualdez Marco's speech there were other key moments and takeaways from the Investors' Night. One of them was the networking opportunities with other investors and stakeholders. We were able to meet and connect with other industry players, exchange ideas and insights, and explore potential business partnerships. Another highlight was the awarding ceremony, where outstanding investors and projects were recognized and celebrated. It was a great way to honor the achievements and contributions of the investors.

HIC Quartz's Exclusive Experience: An Inside Look into PEZA's 28th Investors' Night

HIC was given the opportunity to showcase our latest investment and development projects at the event

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