Enhancing Yield in Engineering Quartz Grinding & Polishing

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During the grinding and polishing process of quartz stone engineering plates, pay attention to the following items to reduce loss, improve yield:

Grinding and Polishing

1. Equipment Selection:

  - Use professional grinding and polishing equipment suitable for quartz stone materials, ensure that its power and speed meet requirements.

  - Choose appropriate abrasives or polishing pads, such as diamond abrasive discs.

2. Process Sequence:

  - Follow the correct grinding and polishing sequence, usually from rough to fine in stages.

  - Ensure each process achieves the expected effect, avoiding unnecessary loss due to repeated operations.

3. Pressure Control:

  - Maintain appropriate pressure during grinding and polishing, do not apply excessive force to avoid damage to the surface of the quartz stone.

  - Avoid staying in the same position for too long, which can cause local overheating or excessive wear.


4. Speed Adjustment:

  - Adjust the speed of the equipment according to different stage requirements, for example, use lower speeds during rough grinding and higher speeds during fine polishing.

5. Cooling Lubrication:

  - Use sufficient water or other cooling liquids for cooling, preventing overheating of the quartz stone and overloading of the equipment.

  - Use appropriate lubricants to reduce friction and extend equipment life.

6. Inspection & Correction:

  - Regularly inspect the processing effect, promptly correct any defects found.

  - For large stone blocks, grind and polish them in sections to improve efficiency.

HIC Factory

7. Worker Training:

  - Provide necessary safety training and technical guidance, ensuring workers are familiar with operating procedures and precautions.

  - Emphasize quality awareness, encouraging workers to strictly follow standard operations.

8. Maintenance:

  - Regularly clean and maintain the equipment, ensuring it is in good working condition.

  - Replace worn tools and consumables in a timely manner.

By paying attention to these details, you can effectively reduce the loss of quartz stone engineering plates during grinding and polishing, and improve yield.

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Enhancing Yield in Engineering Quartz Grinding & Polishing

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