Grey Kitchen Quartz Slab Grey Kitchen Quartz Slab

Grey Kitchen Quartz Slab

  • F305
Product Description
Product Name Super Junbo Slab F305
Colors White, Grey
Specification Standard Size: 120*56 Inch
Jumbo Slabs size: 126*63 Inch (3200 * 1600 mm)
Super Jumbo Slabs size: 138*79 Inch (3500 * 2000 mm)

* Thickness: 1/2’’; 3/4’’; 1 1/4’’

Normallly, for all the colors that without any mould, three thicknesses are always available.

* Thickness: 3/4’’; 1 1/4’’

For the colors with customized mould, like Calacata types, only two thicknesses are available.

Surface Polished, Honed, Leather
Packing Seaworthy wooden crate, pallet

Grey Quartz

Product Inquiry
HIC Quartz on the New Quartz Stone Color To Welcome Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Day! It’s the season for cooking. The season for turkey. The season for gratitude and appreciation of that which enriches our lives. At this time of year, our kitchen occupies an important position in our family. They are not only the kitchen, but also the focus of our attention,

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Super Jumbo Series Slab

* Slab DimensionsStandard Slab: 120’’x56’’Jumbo Slab:: 126’’x 63’’Super Jumbo Slab Size : 138’’x 79’’ HIC Quartz comes in Standard size and Jumbo size; and now we are also available in Super Jumbo size, which will make it easier than ever to fill spaces with fewer seams. Thickness:* Thickness: 1/2’’

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quartz or granite? NOT difficult to choose

You can find several patterns made of quartz that look like marble, they can be expensive but give the same look with maximum durability. Many granite types are even less expensive than technical stone or quartz slabs, and granite can be compared to quartz on price. Quality: High-quality quartz coun

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Artificial Quartz - Safa Quartz

Quartz is naturally heat and scratch resistant. However, sudden temperature changes can cause thermal expansion, which can crack the quartz. To prevent this from happening, it's best to avoid placing hot pans on the countertop. If a hot pan does land on a surface, you should wipe it off immediately.

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Quartz Stone Production Flow Process

We has set up a new standard in innovation and material selection, and continuously got the breakthroughs from highly trained personnel and progressive manufacturing facilities. It is made of natural quartz mineral with high purity of SiO2 99.9% without any harmful radiative heavy metals. Its quartz

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